PROJECT - COMPETITION BY VolumnZeroCompetition



AREA - 500 SQM

Texted project description provided - Participants are to design a Women’s Community Pavilion optimized for 75 users engaging multifunctional spaces for women of all age groups using Architecture as a medium of change. The challenge here is focused on creating an architectural marvel that symbolizes the impact of women and their influence on our society. The designed spaces must integrate function, aesthetics, and structural ingenuity. Participants are to consider the optimum usage of space while designing. The structure should not exceed 500 sq.mt of Footprint area. The proposed design should also be easy to maintain by its users. This structure must symbolize hope and strength, the design should inspire the local community and be capable of raising awareness of women's rights and empowerment. The competition aims to promote architectural design as an instrument of social  change.

Design Brief - This pavilion would be built by using Dharavi people skills which help them to trust and improve themselves. It has all types of different activities which help them to educate and grow further. This pavilion can help festivals like Dharavi Biennale, Art festival, and education fests. These types of events provide them to interact with the world effortlessly. The glass wall and open structure of the pavilion are used as a symbol of barrier-less, boundary-less, trust, and freedom. This pavilion is purposely designed too light to feel free and maintainable. This pavilion is made of recycled materials and because of its simple structure it can be easily assembled and disassembled. This pavilion consists of 3 - levels, Ground has admin, workshop, cultural studio, and shops with a partially covered gallery or exhibition space. 1st floor has some open space for recreation and sittings, a library, café, conference room, and multipurpose room. The 2nd floor consists of lecture room and terraces (All rooms can be used as per their need). This pavilion Wooden beam, column, floor and roof are made of recycled material. For wall recycled glass are used and for the base and roof recycled plastic with wooden laminate is used.