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Texted project description provided - Sustainability: The design proposal shall be innovative and cost-effective with the integration of the best practices followed in India & Abroad including the local climatic conditions, green features (Rainwater Harvesting System, Solar Panels etc.), Allocation of space to Display logo of MoRTH/NHAI/NHIDCL/NHLML any other sustainable design features in line with IRC recommendations/

• Safety: Designed to be inclusive for all passengers including elderly, specially - abled and children, users with luggage, having facilities such as Ramps, Handrails, Lighting, Signages, Braille for visually impaired passengers etc. with all-weather protection.
• Passenger Information Systems: Information Display Panel, Space for Advertisement etc. 

• The proposal to include the Block cost of the Bus Shelter components as per design and technical specifications of the material to be used.
• The proposed conceptual design shall of the size 15 m X 3 m.

Design Concept – ‘Pre-Cast Modular Construction’ This idea is affordable, environmentally friendly, modular and portable. It would assist in upholding construction standards and lowering supplementary construction costs. It is simple to build, to move and manage. It would be recycled and renewable because of its modular and sustainable concept. Its size can be customized accordingly. It is simple to assemble and dissemble. It is self-sustainable and easy to manage due to smart technology. 

Design Elements -

1. Energy Production - Different technologies, such as solar power and rainwater collection, enable it to become self-sufficient and less reliant on regional vendors. For a smart India, a smart shelter - Because of fewer power outages, safety and security would improve.

2. Safety Measure - It is dangerous because the highway bus shelter is typically found in remote regions. We have made an effort to include the least complicated security and safety measures in this shelter to improve safety. - In addition to make transit safer, it would encourage use of public transportation by lowering personal vehicles reliance.

3. Material Description - All materials are sustainable and reusable, to prevent any environment hazard and would be long-lasting.

4. Lighting (Energy Consumption)- The indoor lighting is sensor LED to save electricity while the outdoor lightning, placed along the facade, is Neon one. - One of the biggest problems on the roadway is how visible bus shelters are. The visibility for users is improved by exterior Neon lighting.

5. Pre-Cast Modular and Portable Design - The peculiar design not only makes it more sustainable but also reduces additional costs due to its easy construction and precast structure. The deploy and transport hustle requires only three Shipping containers (12.2m x 2.44m x 2.59m) making transportation simpler. Additionally, the location of sites near highway makes it more convenient.      

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