Desert Villa - Landscape Design inspiration.

The Desert Villa is a personal residence. It comprises two security cabins, a guest house, and the main villa building. The Villa, situated in Riyadh, United Arab Emirates, has a total area of 4000 square meters, of which only 8.35 percent (334 square meters) are used as-built spaces and 91.65 percent (3666 square meters) are open spaces. Our commitment is to support the happiness and wellness of the users and create an immersive experience of living with nature. To do that, we chose to incorporate a corridor of different passive recreation places into the contemporary landscape design.

The Concept of Landscape is “Modern and minimalistic Landscape” which embraces three objects: The use of Cool colors/ Light colors, less dramatic features or Design, & Selective purposeful trees/ plants. The delightful paths encircling the various seating areas are made to provide a really comfortable outdoor experience.

The landscape is one of the aspects of architecture that not only enhances the microclimate but also allows for passive cooling, and creates a tranquil setting surrounding the structure. The initial goal of the project was to facilitate movement, provide appropriate circulation, create effective activity areas, and incorporate landscape design. It was designed to include multiple zones in order to give users a comfortable, connected, and vivid experience.

The theme chosen was modern landscaping, and the design incorporates a number of its characteristics by using more clean edges, a minimalist appearance in its features, a balanced softscape, and cool hues. In contemporary landscape design, the use of materials (hardscape) is equally, if not even more, crucial than softscape. A wide variety of modern landscape components and materials are used throughout the project, including concrete paths, patios, pavilions, steps, stones, pebbles, planters, wood, metal, and others.

A wooden deck with a cantilever, sitting projection and a tree between the decks are used to give the villa a more resort-like appearance. The tree there elegantly frames the big full size windows in the little courtyard of the building. The inspiration for this location originated from resorts; the plan was to create a secluded recreation and leisure area next to the pool to make it more tranquil. Design elements like the colorful chairs on the pool deck and in an outside space with a fire pit aim to balance the indoor and outdoor experiences. There is also a little open kitchen behind the deck area where you may prepare food and do other things. Throughout the design, a simple texture palette and cool color effects were employed.

To create a pleasant microclimate that would enhance outdoor activities, numerous little water cascades have been incorporated into the design. Most water features are located around the busiest sections, like the main routes, rest spaces, and staircases. The cooling impact of the site is further enhanced by the presence of trees and plants.

A small party space with a fireplace is planned for the backside of the site and in the front of the guest house which completes the zones according to its own specifications. Due to its location inside a corner of an open lawn, this place is suitable for small gatherings and celebrations.

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